Whether you’re going to your summer house or an unfamiliar rental doesn’t matter: going on vacation is definitely a disruption in your pet’s routine! How can you make sure that it doesn’t run away during your vacation?

Before you leave: plan ahead for a peaceful departure!

Cats and dogs can both be very attached to their home and daily routine. It all begins when you start packing: your luggage is out, your clothes all over the place, a certain tension is in the air, you lack patience and, in the turmoil of packing, you may be giving your pet a little less attention than usual. Then comes the day of departure: you catch Kitty and put it in its travel crate, or desperately try to get Fido into the car. Sometimes, this precise moment is the final straw… A certain number of runaways occur on that day!

To sum it up, you know how much your pet hates change and travelling. Anticipate and give them a mild tranquilizer before your leave. Made with plants or with a homeopathic base, these treatments can also prevent motion sickness! Of course, keep an eye on your pet while you’re packing, and if necessary, confine it in a closed area.

When you get there: stay cool

Here you are: after a long and stressful journey, you and your pet have finally made it to your holiday destination. There are two classic mistakes: lower your guard when you get out of the car or leave the doors and windows of the house open while you’re settling in. When they get to a new location, pets need to find their bearings calmly. Put your cat or dog in a quiet and closed room, far from the activity, with its familiar toys, water and food, and let it discover this new environment at its own pace. Even with a quick-witted and independent pet, we recommend that you keep it inside during the first 24 hours. It is the perfect time to get a Weenect Pets tracker: your pet will smoothly adjust to the tracker.

Take your dog on its leash and take it for a walk around the house. It’s a smart way to show your pet its bearings and will be useful if it gets lost of runs away! With cats, it is important to stick to their habits. An indoor cat doesn’t need to go out more than usual; beware of doors and windows however, you never know! If it is an outdoor cat, it’ll be hard to keep it inside against its will. Trust your pet and let it discover the surroundings on its own.

Just in case!

A Weenect tracker will save you a good deal of stress whenever your pet goes out of sight. The real time geolocation feature tells you where your pet is, at all times, whatever the distance. However, it doesn’t exonerate you from keeping the local vets’ contact information somewhere close…

Finally, here’s a simple and useful move: register your pet to the ICAD (https://www.i-cad.fr/) database for Domestic Carnivores Identification, that lists all French pets’ identification numbers!

Bringing your pet along on vacation requires anticipation, for you (in terms of organization and peace of mind) as well as for your pet, who may be quite confused and stressed. To avoid runaways and other incidents, make sure you put enough attention on the two crucial steps of the departure and the arrival. Enjoy your family holiday!