1 out of 3 domestic animals will run away or get lost at least once in their lives. Be prepared to have the right reaction if your cat or dog goes missing: here are the 3 steps to follow for an efficient search…. And a happy ending!

1 – Pet loss or flee: be patient

It can be very stressful not to see your pet come home or not being able to find it, but do not panic! The first thing to do is to give it a few hours: your pet might not be far. Pets like to go on off-leash adventures, discover new territories or just go after an intriguing smell… Leave one or several (it’s even better) doors open at home so that it can easily come back inside your house. And of course, call your pet every once in a while, in an intelligible voice (that is to say without screaming, which can distort your voice).

2 – Look for your pet

Your cat or dog still hasn’t come home and it has already been a few hours? First try to look for it by walking around or riding your bike in the neighborhood, call, and ask passersby or neighbors if they have seen your pet.

Progressively expand the search perimeter around your house or the spot where the pet was last seen, and don’t forget to ask shopkeepers in the area; they may have seen the fugitive!

3 – Report the loss of your pet

Still haven’t found your pet… Print a wanted notice and put it up in your neighborhood. It must show the essential information: name and picture of the pet, as well as an exact description (collar, tag, scar(s) or other distinguishing marks), the precise location where you last saw your pet, dog tatoo or electronic chip number, and of course, your contact information.

Also, report the loss of your pet to the pounds, animal shelters, kennels and veterinarians of the area. You can also give out your wanted posters to community workers (garbage collectors, gardeners, policemen…) who walk the streets all day and have a better chance to see your pet.
Finally, report your pet’s disappearance to the I-CAD file (https://www.i-cad.fr/show/26). This database keeps track of all pets with their identifier. They provide an ad service to share a disappearance alert about your pet on a wider scale.

Phew!! You finally found your cat or dog! To avoid this kind of experience in the future, think about the Weenect Pets GPS tracker; it will free you from a lot of anxiety…

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Author: Weenect

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