Indoor life and freedom; two concepts that don’t seem too compatible! However, living indoors does not always induce a feeling of confinement for cats; open the door to new spaces to discover!

Indoor cats: what is the right level of freedom?

Your cat has never been outside of your apartment? First of all, don’t feel bad: an indoor cat is not necessarily miserable. It is even likely to live longer than an outdoor cat!

Nevertheless, cats need to control their territory from A to Z; try to allow them in every room. Otherwise, they may feel frustrated and even more eager to sneak in those forbidden rooms when you’re not looking. Also, make sure that you’re ok having cat hair lying around and finding the occasional broken vase or trinket!

Indoor cats and safety

There is very little (or no) hazard inside your apartment, while outdoors may be quite dangerous for a cat. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you secure all access:
Front door: Cats are quick and subtle. It only takes them a second to sneak out when you open the door… and run down the stairs! To avoid having to chase your cat around the building, always face it when you close the door.
Balconies, terraces: close all access when you’re not home. While certain felines have a natural sense of heights and awareness of the risks related, indoor cats are likely to misevaluate distances… and jump over the railing by accident!
Windows: a breath of fresh air, outside smells, birds flying by… Here are other reasons for you to be cautious! Make sure that your window sills are wide enough for your cat to sit there without falling.

Maintain contact with your cat

What do cats do when you are not around? This question has obviously crossed your mind before! To know more about that and feel reassured, think of the Weenect Cat GPS tracker. It allows you to track your cat’s moves in real time, on your phone. But there’s more! You’ll be able to trace your cat’s steps to where it is hiding, or if it accidentally gets lost!

Indoor cats are not a captive cats! They enjoy a large playing field, get food and water, unconditional love, and you can keep an eye on them with remote devices: what more could you ask for?

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Author: Weenect

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