Summer is coming, along with its heatwaves. You own a pet, and you’re concerned about how to keep it properly hydrated throughout the summer? Follow our advice and make sure you take good care of your four-legged companion.

How do I notice that my dog is dehydrated?

A dehydrated dog will show certain unusual behaviour:
It seems agitated or has a high pace;
It is frequently licking its chops or showing an anxious expression;
Sometimes a dehydrated dog will also lie down with its nose against the water bowl.

Check your dog’s skin using the dehydration test: pinch your dog’s neck skin and gently lift it up 5 cm vertically Then release your pinch and observe. When a dog is correctly hydrated, its skin instantly goes back to its initial position, while a dehydrated skin is less elastic. If you notice that your dog’s skin does not go back to normal after 2 seconds, it’s probably because it is dehydrated.

You can also check your dog’s urine: if it is deep yellow, or if your dog urinates less often than usual, it may be a sign of dehydration.

If your dog or cat seems eager to run away, it may be looking for water. Avoid losing track of your pet during a heatwave with our GPS devices, that allow you to track and find your pet.

How do I see that my cat is dehydrated?

Some cats are more subject to dehydration than others: aging cats, kittens and gestating or lactating females. Here are some dehydration symptoms that are common for cats:
Appetite loss;
The cat has trouble breathing and pants;
It looks knocked down and lies on the floor for several hours;
In case of serious dehydration, it can even have spasms.

Have the right instincts to make sure your pet is properly hydrated

Make sure that they always have a bowl of water, that you fill in several times a day if necessary, at room temperature: if the water is too cold, it could provoke diarrhea.

When your pets are indoor animals, make sure that they stay in the coolest room of the house. Be careful not to impose a sudden and important change of temperature on your pets, make sure that you do it progressively, by moistening them prior to the change of temperature.

You can also give your pets a quick shower with room temperature water: mainly on their legs and head. If they seem reluctant, applying a wet cloth on their muzzle should be enough. Cut a dog’s long hair. In terms of food, reduce the daily portion for chubby dogs: excess weight makes dogs even more sensitive to heat.

If your pet starts convulsing or loses consciousness, get it to the vet immediately.

Finally, during a heatwave, it is best to let your pet find the right spot, where it feels comfortable. Once again, if your dog has a tendency to run away but you want to give space and freedom, go for Weenect and its instant geolocation device.

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