New location, new environment, new schedule, long journeys: pets are very sensitive to the change of pace that occurs during a vacation.
What is the best way to get them back into the swing of daily life when september comes?

Before you go: appease your pet

Your pet has its daily routine. It comes as no surprise that going away on holidays is a little overwhelming for your four-legged companion. Seeing you packing your suitcase often turns out to be a source of anxiety, even if your pet is not particularly homely or “indoorsy”…
This feeling may be caused by a bad past experience: maybe you had to leave without your pet, maybe it went through a particularly traumatizing journey (on a plane, or a very long trip), or maybe something stressful happened in a past holiday or trip (accident, etc.). Don’t be surprised if your pet doesn’t show too much enthusiasm…
It’s your responsibility to be reassuring and attentive to your pet so that it feels like it is fully part of the trip!

During your vacation: progressively bring back the good habits

During your vacation, you’ll be able to spend more time with your pet: long walks, day-long getaways in the wild, pikniks, staying up late… Your pet’s living the good life! As long as you stay close to your cat/dog, they won’t have a hard time adjusting to this new laid-back routine. Be careful however: some pets are very attached to their routine and the 1001 little rituals that structure their daily life the rest of the year; they might feel lost. Make sure to pack the little things that make them feel like home: their usual food, their basket, their toys…

When your holidays come to an end: anticipate the abrupt “return to a normal life”! Your pet will suddenly have to switch back to another environment, in which you’re not around all the time… what a distress! A few days before going home, bring back certain habits: morning and evening going out hours, walk conditions (put the leash back on)… Also, leave your pet on its own for a while, at various times during the day, and in the night as well. These trick can make the transition easier.

Coming back home with your pet

When it is time to leave your holiday location, be extremely careful, especially when your pet is not a big fan of transportation: stress could make it run away. If this happens, your pet would be lost in an unknown environment! If it is really anxious in a car or in a train, consider giving your cat/dog a light tranquilizer to help it relax. Also know that you can use pheromone-based sprays (available for cats or dogs). You can also use a GPS tracker for pets to locate them in real time on your smartphone.

The first few days at home may be a little difficult, even if you did your best to anticipate. It is often true for older animals, which don’t understand why you’re not around all day anymore! Be prepared for some misbehaving (uncleanliness, barking/meowing), but it shouldn’t last too long. Routine is essential for the comfort of domestic animals; they’ll soon come back to their daily habits!

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Author: Weenect

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