Endless walks in the wilderness and quiet naps in the sun: your pet loves the holidays as much as you do! How can you anticipate and make it easier to go back to their usual daily pace?

During the holidays: relieve the pressure without being too easy

Just as you would behave with your kids, you could be tempted to let your pets live their life and do whatever they want during the holidays. A change of environment, random walking and eating hours… And above all, a master who is 100% present and available: for your cat or dog, it’s the dream! But be careful not to cut them too much slack during your vacation: pets need a structure to rely on. Keep certain bearings: maintain regular hours for morning and evening walks, as well as meals.

dog holidays

Anticipate the first days back home

What pets struggle with the most after a vacation is your absence! They had you all to themselves for several weeks; it may be tough for them to see you leave for work and spend endless and solitary days at home, and cause anxious behaviors, like a loss of appetite or energy… This blues is generally temporary and disappears once your companion finds its bearings and familiar pace. But in the meantime, anticipate by leaving your pet on its own for short periods of time in the course of your last week of holidays. It’s also a good time to get your pet used to staying inside. If you’re worried about Fido running away, put its Weenect GPS tracker back on to remind it of the daily habits!

cat resting

September check-up

Holidays can also mean parasites: long days spent in nature are the perfect grounds for ticks and fleas. Check your pet and provide the adequate treatment. If you’re spending your holidays on the seaside, beware when your pet plays in the sand and in the water: skin rashes may appear. If you notice that your pet is constantly licking or biting itself, a visit to the vet’s office is required.

cat and dog in the forest

Finally, counter the effects of home anxiety with natural remedies: if your pet shows sign of stress when you get home, such as a loss of appetite or digestion problems, go to a vet or a pharmacy that specializes in animal homeopathy.

Coming back home after the holidays is hard for pets too! Enjoy your family vacation but keep a certain structure: your four-legged friend needs bearings. Start the new school year off right!