Are you planning on bringinging your dog along on your vacation? Holidays with a four-legged friend requires preparation! How should your dog travel? We’re telling you all about it.

Get ready for a vacation with a dog: what should you bring?

In a hotel, a camping site or a rental house, don’t forget to ensure that the facility is dog friendly, so that you don’t have a bad surprise when you arrive! Make sure that you take the following items with you:
A first aid kit;
A few of your dog’s favorite toys;
A sufficient quantity of your dog’s kibbles if you’re not sure to find them at your destination

Get ready for your vacation with your dog: anticipate administrative paperwork

Up to date vaccines

Before you leave, make sure that your dog is up to date with its vaccines.
Good to know: anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory from the age of 3 months:

For dogs travelling with you outside the country;
To enter back to France;
For dogs that are considered “dangerous” according to January 6th 1999 law.

Anti-rabies vaccination is only valid 21 days after the injection, for a first vaccination, and not more than a year after the last shot.

In France, note that it is mandatory to identify a dog when it travels with you and to authenticate the anti-rabies vaccine.

Dog friendly beaches

It is always delicate to identify which beaches accept dogs. Go to your destination’s town hall or tourist office to get information about dog-friendly beaches. Don’t forget to bring bags with you to pick up its excrements.

Get ready for your vacation with your dog: make sure you have the right equipment

There is an important increase in the lost pets statistics in July and August: it is during that time of the year that the risk of losing a pet is highest (staying in an unfamiliar location, many sources of distraction, stress, heat, etc.).

Summer is also the season of storms and fireworks, which are significant sources of anxiety for dogs and can make them run away. To avoid losing your pet, it is best to leave it at home and make sure that it can’t run away. You can also get a GPS tracker for your dog, in order to let it move freely without worrying: Weenect Pets allows you to follow your dog’s movements, thanks to its GPS collar that sends localization information in real time, in an unlimited range.

Get ready for a trip abroad with your dog

When you travel outside of France, your dog must have a European passport. Delivered by a vet exclusively, it allows to certify the anti-rabies vaccine and provides all the information about identification and vaccination.

Get ready for a plane journey with your dog

If you’re planning on taking the plane with your pet, you will have to inform your travelling operator when you book your ticket and get specific information on pet travelling conditions. If your dog weighs under 4 kg, you’ll be authorized to keep it in the cabin with you, as long as it stays in a suitable bag. Beyond 4 kg, it’ll be placed in a dedicated cage, in the bay (ventilated, heated and pressurized).

Taking your dog on vacation with you requires anticipation. But nothing is ever too good for our four-legged friends!

It is in July and August that the risk of pet loss is highest! Be vigilant. Click To Tweet


Author: Weenect

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