Are you debating taking your cat with you on vacation? Whatever you decide, don’t improvise: there is nothing worse for a pet than having its comfortable routine disrupted…

I am bringing my cat with me

Leaving without your cat is not an option? In this case, your preparation will require more or less efforts depending on the following factors:

  • The destination: is your holiday house located next to a busy road, are there dogs in the surroundings, is it a noisy area? For your cat’s safety, make sure it doesn’t leave the house. It might be frightened and run away! If your cat is used to staying indoors, it won’t be a problem. But if it likes to explore and go on adventures, that’s another thing! Of course, don’t forget to take its familiar items with you: food and water bowls, litter box, pillow, toys… Make sure that your cat feels at home. To avoid incidents, get a Weenect Pets GPS tracker: it only take a half-open door…
  • The journey: if it could talk, your cat would probably refuse to come along, just because of the journey! On a train, a plane, or in a car, it’s always a stressful time for a cat, even when it is used to following you around. If you’re driving to your destination, the noise, bumps and heat will not please your cat. There are mild and natural tranquilizers that will make the journey more comfortable. Talk about these options with your vet and avoid self-medication.

I am not taking my cat on holidays

It’s easier for you: you won’t have to deal with the journey and the stay with a pet that is uncomfortable and likely to run away. However, you still need to plan ahead for this period when your pet may feel lost without you!

  • Food and drink: Whether your cat is alone or with other cats, make sure you have more than enough! Place water and food dispensers around your house. Don’t forget to put water outside if your cat is allowed to go out: summers can be quite hot! As for food, keep it inside to avoid having all the neighborhood animals over for a treat…
  • Human presence: mandatory if you’re away for more than a week. A trustworthy person, familiar to your cat, will drop by every day to make sure everything is alright, and play for a little while.
  • The specific case of cat sitting: whether it is at a relative’s house or in a boarding facility, it’s the same thing than when you take your cat on holiday with you, expect that you’re not around! Cat boarding facilities are managed by seasoned professionals. On the contrary, if you leave your cat with relatives, make sure that they are familiar with pets, know how to deal with a cat and keep it safe.

Taking your cat on holiday is not just a personal choice, it should also take into account your pet’s personality. Certain cats are more independent than others; leaving a familiar environment, even when you’re around, feels like abandoning their territory… A kitten or senior cat will not search for independence but rather require comfort and social contact. In any case, there’s only one secret: anticipation!