Did you come across a stray dog or a cat that seemed lost? Weenect gives you a few pieces of advice to find their owner and help them return to their home.

Does the animal wear a medallion?

Before starting to worry, make sure that the animal is really lost and that its owner is not around looking for it! If nobody shows up after a few minutes, check if the animal wears a collar or a medallion with the owner’s contact information. If so, take out your phone and get in touch with them.

Is the lost animal wearing a tattooed number?

The animal’s tattooed number can be found in its ear or on its thigh. If you can’t read the tattoo, try rubbing the ear or thigh with alcohol. If the lost animal is tattooed, you must call the domestic carnivores national record: 0810 778 778 (Price of a local call) or go to www.i-cad.fr. File your statement on filalapat.fr or i-cad.fr, in the “Lost pet” space, and follow the steps.

Does the lost animal have a chip number?

If you can feel a chip under the animal’s skin, contact a veterinarian close to you, who will be able to find information about the animal.

The lost animal has no medallion, tattoo or chip?

If the animal doesn’t show any signs of identification, you can contact the police station, vets, animal pounds or shelters around the place where the animal was found. You can also simply go around your neighborhood and closeby stores to check if anyone knows about a lost pet.

At Weenect, we make it hard to lose your four-legged friend: with a GPS tracker for cats or dogs, you will know its exact location and be able to react quickly in case your pet gets lost!

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Author: Weenect

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