The biggest, smallest, rarest: discover dog breeds that are out of the ordinary. Here are a few
examples of these “exceptional” dogs: beware, they all have certain characteristics, specific to their size, that should be kept in mind!

Large breed dogs

These friendly giants have certain weaknesses due to their large size: hip dysplasia, aortic
malformations, twisting of the stomach, those are all health problems that commonly occur in large breed dogs.

  • Newfoundlands, the incredible swimmers

With their webbed legs, these huge hair balls are surprisingly good swimmers. Their waterproof fur, stamina, and physical strength allow them to save an adult from drowning. Loyal and affectionate,
they are good-natured with children and an ideal companion for long walks by the sea.

  • Great Danes, the soft ones

They have long been bred as watchdogs because of their discouraging size, but Danes are in fact super-affectionate dogs, who love kids. If you have enough space for them to run around and time to give, don’t be intimidated by their stature and go for it!
The size record is currently held by Freddy, a 4-year-old Dane: 89 kg and 104 cm at the withers (223 cm standing on his back paws)!
Small breeds Lively, sometimes a little rowdy, these dynamic companions bring life into a house. On the flipside: they are also more stress sensitive than larger dogs. They need care and attention!

  • The Chihuahua, a hell of a dog!

1.5 kg for about 20 cm high, this featherweight will fit anywhere. With their strong character,
Chihuahuas are brave and devoted to their masters, to the point of being jealous of those who come between them. They need regular exercise: with age, chihuahuas tend to gain weight and suffer from joint problems.

The smallest chihuahua record is held by Miracle Milly, a 2 year old Chihuahua: 450 grams for 9,65 cm at the withers.

  • The Bichon, a living fluff

Frise or Maltese, these little dogs are irresistible with their fluffy face! Their hair requires combing and regular grooming to stay elegant. Playful and social, their average 3 kg for 20 cm makes them ideal companion for seniors, as well as kids, who love them.

Rare dogs

Ancient breeds or animals with a unique temperament: certain dogs are only rarely encountered.
Two examples of uncommon companions!

  • The indescribable Puli!

Pulis are not just big clumps of dreadlocks: they are smart and easy-going shepherds. But their coat requires maintenance…: it must be regularly treated and the “ropes” shaped in order to prevent the hair from growing anarchically. The perfect breed for aspiring groomers!

  • The Saarloos, a wolf at home

Saarloos wolf-dogs have a unique personality and do not suit all homes. Territorial, fierce,
independent, they are not the most sociable companions, but on the positive side, they often
develop a very strong bond with their owner. A Weenect Pets tracker may be useful for these dogs. Oversized dogs follow physical and physiological standards. If you’re going for one of these breeds, choose a puppy born in a breeding farm, listed by the Société Centrale Canine https://www.centrale-, a guarantee that your dog complies with breed and health standards.