The standard “Heel”, “Sit!” or “Stay still” don’t have any effect on your pet? It keeps on doing its own thing? It might be time to question your pet owner skills! Sometimes dogs are more stubborn than their owner! Here’s why.

My dog won’t listen: a matter of authority?

Raising a dog in an overly permissive environment, lacking structure and boundaries, may end up with disobedience and indiscipline. It is also important to consider your dog’s character: a sensitive dog needs a soft education, whereas a dog with a strong character better responds to a little more firmness…. The indiscipline, materialized by behaviors such as pulling and tugging on the leash, jumping on people, ignoring your call, usually appears during a dog’s adolescence, around 6 months old.

If you don’t react and turn the screw then, it’ll only get worse!

Communicate with your dog to educate them!

The first condition to teach a dog discipline and manners is good communication. In certain cases, indiscipline is only a result of a miscommunication. Even though our education methods may seem similar on certain levels (like imitation, or habit), our four legged friends still have a very unique way to interact and process information. Therefore, when standard communication fails, try using an alternative channel. Analyze and adjust your attitude, the words you use, the tone of your voice… Your dog may understand you better.

Besides, it is essential to be consistent and stick to your principles. If you give your dog contradicting orders, raise your voice, threaten him or gesticulate frantically, no wonder he feels overwhelmed and lost in your instructions!

You should also align your expectations to your dog’s age: you can’t expect a 3 month old dog to sit still! Make sure to adapt to your dog’s natural development and abilities.

Easy tips to make your dog listen to you

There is no miracle recipe to make a dog listen; but certain notions may be helpful.

Choose a breed that fits your way of life, a dog with a personality that you can relate to, learn to communicate with the right tone, gestures, strike a balance in your authority, work on your dog’s discipline everyday, with affection and firmness… and pay attention!

Weenect helps you in this training process. In case your pet runs away, our Weenect pets products allow you to know your dog’s exact location, anytime, thanks to the free mobile app. This kind of device will give you peace of mind and more flexibility. Just a little help for a smoother education.

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Author: Weenect

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