Cats do run away, and as much as it can be troublesome for their owners, it does not show any disorder in the pet’s behavior. The way a cat comes and goes in the house should not be interpreted as a sign of discomfort. A cat’s escapes are better accepted than those of a dog, because they are linked to a certain genetic heritage.

Why does a cat run away?

Cats and their sense of territory

Cats have their own territory, which is not necessarily restricted to your house, yard, balcony, etc. This area may change depending on where they find their food and if there are other cats in your house surroundings. It can also shift if there is a cat in heat in the neighborhood.

Reproduction and hunting

Cats are hunters by nature. And a reproductive species! Even though they appreciate the comfort of their home, they frequently need to escape, go hunting and reproduce, then go back to their house on a regular basis, for a caress, a bowl of kibbles or just to enjoy a warm and cosy spot. If they can’t find preys to hunt or cats in heat in their immediate surroundings, they are very likely to go and search much further away.

Changing territory

If you move, your cat may be tempted to go back to its old territory. Your new house may very well be located in other cats’ territories.

Cats and the “double residence” issue

It is also possible that your cat is running away to some more generous hands that provide it with food, in a home where it can stay for a few hours before going back to its official home.

Keep your runaway cat safe at home

Sterilize your cat to avoid run aways

There are solutions to keep your runaway cat at home. Sterilization applies to male and female cats, and will prevent them from running away to fulfill their reproducing needs and spend entire nights outside. It also eases their will to fight with other cats.

Isolate your runaway cat

If you don’t want to sterilize your cat, choose isolation and define its territory yourself. If you live in an apartment, forbid your cat to go outside. If you have a house and a yard, set up a fence that is high enough not to let your cat jump over it.

Track your cat’s location to let it move around freely

Know that cats will try to run away, it is in their blood! If you just need to locate your cat, Weenect Cats devices allow you to track your cat and follow its moves thanks to a free and user-friendly mobile app.

Whatever the reason of the run away, avoid blaming your cat: cats are sensitive and touchy, it would only make things worse. Instead, make sure that you provide them with enough food and water so that they don’t feel the need to explore other areas. Don’t forget to show your cat your affection with cuddles and tender words when it comes back.

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Author: Weenect

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