Nowadays, there are many food options to choose from for your pets! The offer has never been so wide; so much that it is confusing! What is the best way to feed a pet?

Domestic feeding for animals

Age, physical condition, breed, size, weight… There are many criteria to consider to define the right diet for your cat or dog! You can choose to pamper them by cooking homemade meals everyday. This type of diet, known as “domestic feeding”, can be interesting and healthy, but it requires certain skills!

Meals must be ultra-balanced. You will have to refine your knowledge of animal diet to perfection in order to serve the perfect dish everyday!

When you choose domestic feeding, it is often tempting to use leftovers from your own meals: bad idea! The food we eat is not adapted for our animal friends.

Avoid the “pet meat” they sell in retail stores or at the butcher’s: it is made of meat waste, and besides being very unappetizing, it often contains way too much fat.

Contrary to popular belief, a dog doesn’t need to have a majority of meat and bones in its diet: it is not healthy and can cause many deficiencies. The same rules apply to cats: feeding them milk, fish or offal on a daily basis is can be unhealthy.

You get the point: domestic feeding requires solid skills. Ask your veterinarian for advice.

Industrial food for animals

Most pet owners choose this solution to feed their pets:

Dry food (kibbles) is the most common. No preparation, hygienic, good for teeth by forcing the animal to crunch, kibbles are also healthy and easy to digest.

Wet food: mash, meatballs, mousses, jellied products… This type of food is generally very much appreciated by pets, because it is very concentrated in flavor. However, wet food often has more fat and is more difficult to digest. Also, it requires more caution on the hygienic point of view, because it quickly oxidizes in contact with air.

In both cases, you don’t need to worry about dietary balance: wet and dry foods are designed to cover your animal’s essential needs. You will only have to make sure to give your pet the appropriate amount of food.

Quality of industrial food

There are two kinds of kibbles and meatballs: standard (that you can find everywhere, especially in retail stores) and premium (a bit more expensive and difficult to find, but of higher quality). Feeding your pet premium food has the advantage of covering most of their needs: it is adapted for pets with digestion problems, young and old animals, sedentary or, on the contrary, sporty pets… These premium kibbles, meatballs and mashes can also be found at your veterinarian’s practice. You can ask them for advice on how to find the most adapted food for your pet: the right food can increase your four-legged companion’s lifetime!

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Author: Weenect

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