Being outdoors or cocooning next to the fireplace? Great emotional impulses or pacific coexistence? In other words: are you a dog or a cat person? We’ll help you find out!

You’re more of a dog person if…

You enjoy being outdoors

A dog needs outdoors time, whatever its size. Small “living-room” dogs as well as bigger dogs! You’ll have to take your pet out at least 3 times a day. And that’s not all: most dogs enjoy long walks and unbridled game sessions in the wilderness. A number of them also love swimming in fresh or salt water! You got it: dogs are the best companion for people who like being outdoors.

You’re looking for a real companion

Your dog will be more than just a pet, it’ll be a member of your family. As the social animals that they are, dogs get strongly attached to their master(s); just watch how they display their affection! Dogs are able to develop a very powerful connection with their master; they might even be able to sense their owner’s emotional state. Furthermore, they have a natural protection instinct, for their master of course, and for every other member of the family.

You’re more of a cat person if…

You like calm and quiet

Taking a pet out everyday seems like a burden to you? Well you won’t have to deal with that if you own a cat: felines have an exceptional ability to adapt to life indoors. When they’ve been raised in an indoors environment, they may not even feel the need to go outside at all… And if you do have a yard that your cat can access (through a cat flap for instance), it’s just as simple: cats are fiercely independent animals, they will be delighted to go out and “live their life” on their own.

You want to have a unique relationship with your pet

With a cat, the game is even; do get a cat if you need a friendly pet to give you an enthusiastic welcome every night… But if you wish to live with a strong tempered pet, be surprised by its unpredictable and mischievous ways and amazed by its constant elegance, go for it! Your cat may seem distant at times, but don’t be mistaken: it is still very much attached to you. You just have to acknowledge that they don’t have the same way to show it as dogs do!
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Cats and dogs: resemblances and downsides

Both dogs and cats have trouble dealing with loneliness. A lonely dog may cause disaster, especially when it’s young: you’ll find your pillows, furniture, personal items chewed on, bear insistent barking… Cats are less annoying to your neighbors, but still like to destroy things: broken and scratched objects, little “gifts” left here and there… except in the litter where they belong, of course.
They’re both domestic animals, and for this reason, they need to have interactions with humans at least, or even require constant presence. It’s the case with dogs: do not consider leaving your dog alone for an entire week-end. Cats, on the other hand, can deal with being left alone for a couple of days, provided that they have enough food and water.
Finally, even if they’re not used to being outside, cats and dogs can run away! Attached to territory, cats can wander very far and disappear for several days. While dogs can be scared off by a violent noise or a fight with another dog.
In addition to mandatory micro-chipping, protect your pets with a Weenect GPS tracker. It adapts to every pet, and allows you to know their real-time location, follow their moves and find them in case they run away. You can never be too cautious!

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Author: Weenect

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