Some of our users agree to leave us a review of their GPS tracker for kids, and we’re grateful to them for doing so. We always read them carefully, whether they are positive or negative, short or long, and our whole team uses them to improve our services.

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At the end of 2018, we wanted to highlight the comments that touched us the most, and that amused or even surprised us. Here is a listing of 8 of the best!

(Our apologies in advance to those whose comments deserved to be included in this ranking – selecting 8 opinions from a list that contains hundreds of them is very, very complicated. We’re sorry, we had to leave some out.)

Robert: “I feel much more relaxed”

The Kid Tracker is a great device. I use it every time my youngster goes out with his friends, and I feel much more at ease. It’s good looking and easy to use. I thoroughly recommend it.

Vanessa: “Reassuring for our kids”

Weenect Kids, a very good product, reassuring, reliable, very good battery life compared with what the competition offers, perhaps six or even seven days if you turn it off at night, the perfect size, fits easily into a school bag or a coat. A few small points that could be improved, but a very successful product. I recommend it, these days it’s reassuring for our kids!

Damien: “Saves me from having to give in too soon”

An effective solution, “user friendly”, and one that stops me from having to give in too soon to my neo-teenager’s requests for a smartphone, while still knowing where he is!

Dominica: “Parents of a young man with autism”

As parents of a young autistic man who regularly runs away from home, this allows us to find him quickly. Not only that, but having this device means the special needs school he goes to is happy for him to attend.

Nadège: “It gives me reassurance on a daily basis”

I am very glad I chose this solution for my 10-year-old son. It gives me reassurance on a daily basis during his journeys to and from school (by bus…) Very easy to use for him and for me… I recommend it.

Neeta: “It changes everything”

It changes everything when it comes to school bus times. The traffic can be heavy at the end of the school day, so it helps me to track my kid’s bus journeys. This way I know when to leave home instead of waiting 45 minutes in the rain.

Amy: “For our ski holiday”

I bought this kid tracker for our skiing holiday. Our son was at the ski school and going off to the mountains, so if he had ever become separated from his teacher, he could have contacted me, and I would have known where he was (he is only 6 years old). We managed to track him on the slopes using the tracker, which was really reassuring and why we bought it.

Reinaldo: “Phones are not welcome”

Phones are not welcome at my son’s school… not even left in his backpack. This GPS tracker has been a great help because we can monitor where he is, and it can also call us in case of problems. We talk to our son as if it was a real mobile phone.

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Author: Weenect

Weenect, leader de la géolocalisation familiale, propose une gamme de traceurs GPS pour les différents membres de la famille : les enfants, les seniors, les chiens et chats. Ce blog a vocation à aider les familles dans leur vie quotidienne.