Today’s children were born with technology, they master screens and networks very early on. Let them enjoy the treasures of the web without anxiety by investing in a parental control app. Here is our top 5 ranking!

The most comprehensive: Witigo parental filter

It is adapted to all your devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, under Android or iOS. Witigo allows you to customize your own lists of filtered keywords, restricted and authorized sites, and it also keeps a very clear track of all the visited sites. 39,99 €/year for three devices.

The most famous: Norton Family Premier

Norton is still one of the pioneers of computer protection; therefore a guarantee of quality! This version runs on Windows and Android. It allows you, in addition to the traditional setup options and activity reports, to live-track your children’s navigation, and schedule a shutdown time for your device. 39,99 €/year for one device.

Kid’s Shell, for tablets and smartphones

Specifically designed for mobile devices and young user habits, Kid’s Shell is very easy to setup and allows you to restrict the list of apps that you want your children to have access to. You can block calls, text messages or web browsing to avoid unpleasant billing surprises. Cherry on the cake: this app is free! Download it on Google Play.

The most versatile: Kaspersky Safe Kids

Its free version is a traditional multi-device (computer, phone, tablet, on iOS or Android) parental control software: it allows you to set up filters, control and limit time spent on the device… The paid version (14,99 €/year) provides more options, such as broader monitoring features for your children’s Facebook activity, and a geolocation feature.

The most innovative: Xooloo Digital Coach

Dedicated to teenagers, this app works as an actual coach whose duty is to make your children more responsible and walk them through their digital experience. Its sister-app Xooloo Parent allows you to view the information provided to your children as well: time spent on each app, respect (or not!) of the rules that you defined… If your children come too close to the limit, the “coach” subtly reminds them of the restrictions. To summarize, this tool encourages your teenagers’ digital independence and provides security! Available on Google Play.

There are many solutions to monitor your children’s activity on the web, adapted to your children’s age, the nature of your concerns (secure their navigation, make them more responsible, etc.) and your budget. You can also ask your internet service provider: most internet boxes include a parental control option!

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Author: Weenect

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