How can you keep your family entertained this fall? Here are a few ideas.

1 – Holidays at the farm!

Educational farms offer theme activities around the fall season, that are great to attend as a family. Around Paris, the Ferme de Gally organizes a Pumpkin party at the end of October, with theater plays, engraving classes, and shows. The Ferme de Viltain (91), the Ferme de Paris in the Bois de Vincennes, or the Bergerie Nationale also organize many events during the fall.

2 – A treasure hunt in the forest

Go for a treasure hunt and combine a walk in the forest with a touch of orienteering and technology! Plan this adventure with your children’s friends on a sunny autumn day: delimit the area to explore (print a map for each participant), imagine trials (like building objects with items found in nature, for instance) and unleash your little explorers… With their Weenect Kids GPS trackers!

3 – Creative arts workshops

Fall is the season of leaves! Dead autumn leaves with their red and golden tones unfortunately don’t keep very well on the long term. But why don’t you turn them into prints? In order to do that, you’ll need a good long walk in the forest to pick the most beautiful leaves, and a little bit of pottery clay (prefer no-bake clay, available in all crafts shops). You only have to “print” the shape of a leaf on the clay. Spruce it up, paint and varnish it: and there you have fun little gifts that are just waiting to be distributed!

4 – Stargazing

Beautiful fall nights are particularly suitable for stargazing: night falls early, you don’t need to stay up late, it is perfect for your young kids! The French Astronomy Association website lists all kinds of sky and stargazing events planned during the fall season. Stargazing initiations, telescope training, optical science animations, what have you?

5 – Family cooking!

Wet and chilly days are perfect for cooking projects! Get ready for the winter with autumn dishes based on products you can find in nature or pick in a local farm: chestnuts for delicious chestnut cream, apples and pears for purees, mushrooms to can… Beware with mushrooms: check and make sure the ones you picked are edible before you start cooking. And if you have any doubt, go to your local pharmacist, they’ll be able to help.