Summer is coming, along with the holidays, and long days at the beach. A beach that is often crowded during high season. Feeling worried? Here is our advice to avoid losing track of your children and enjoy your holiday in all serenity.

Set some ground rules for your children at the beach

Before even setting foot on the sand, define certain rules for your children to follow. For instance, explain that there is a lot of people on a beach, and that they shouldn’t move too far away from their towel. Use your parasol as a reference spot: explain that they’ll be safe as long as they can see it. If they ever feel lost, show them where the lifeguards cabin is and tell them that it is your meeting point. You can also choose a different meeting point, such as a food stand, or a tree. You can even build a meeting point yourself, by making a big pile of sand close to your parasol.

Tips to avoid losing your children at the beach

Start by dressing them with bright colored clothes: caps, t-shirts, shorts, armbands, etc.
GPS trackers are more and more commonly used to trace a kid’s moves and allow parents to keep track of a kid who starts wandering too far from the beach towel. Weenect Kids allows to follow your children’s moves on a mobile phone using the free app. Weenect also provides a shock and waterproof case that enables to use the device on the seaside.

In 2004, the National Sea Rescue Society initiated an identification bracelet system, available for free in every French beach rescue station and certain tourist information offices. It carries the child’s name and parents’ phone number.

How to react in case your children get lost on the beach?

First of all, don’t panic. Check the seashore: it is the most dangerous spot for children on their own. Afterwards, warn lifeguards at the nearest rescue station. Ask people around you if they’ve seen your child: make sure to give them every detail, describe your kid with precision, their hair color, height, etc. Walk along the beach with the sun in your back: a lost child will also have this reflex. Go up to other groups of kids – children have a tendency to keep among themselves. The best way to avoid panic is to anticipate!

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Author: Weenect

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