A new term is starting soon, your children are going to the “big school”, a school in another town, or starting high school? Your and your kids’ daily routine will change. How can you manage this change and give your children more freedom?

Give them autonomy in elementary school

Your child is starting elementary school! You’re moving into a new house, a new neighborhood, a new town, and a new school! There is going to be a lot of changes for your “almost grown-up” kid this coming term, and the pace of the whole family may also move. From third grade, at approximately 9 years old, and provided that your environment is adequate, you can start letting your child go for walks on his/her own: back and forth to school, from school to their music lesson or sports practice (if they are close), from home to a friend’s house… Your child might show an urge for more independence, but it may not match with your work and personal schedule. It is fully justified to feel anxious about letting your children wander around without an adult.

It is not safe to leave a child under 9 on his/her own. There are many transportation alternatives to consider. One of the most common solution is to ask another person, if you cannot take care of it yourself. Grand-parents, neighbours, friends, other students’ parents, baby-sitters, nannies, etc.
You can also consider organizing a collective walk-along: it is the ideal solution at any age!
If your child is above 9 years old, remain calm and trust him/her! Ideally, he/she should meet with their friends along the way, even if it requires to go up to the door and ring the doorbell or set up a meeting point.
Keep in mind is that if your child shows a desire for autonomy and proves that he/she knows the basic rules of road safety, then you can trust him/her…

If you want to set your mind at rest, get a Weenect Kids GPS tracker, that will allow you to keep track of your child’s moves and locate him/her in case they are in trouble, or just be informed when he/she gets to the final destination. The right way to give your child freedom and avoid panicking!

Give them autonomy in middle school

Your big boy/girl is starting middle school this september: what an emotional time! Both for you and your kid, even though they’re not showing it… At that age, it is less necessary for you to walk your child to school. Your child might even be ashamed of it! However, in many cases, the new school is a lot further away from your house than the old school: your kid might need to use public transportation on his/her own. To help your child handle this change, incite him/her to discover the way to school by bus/tram/subway during the summer. Also, make sure that your kid is aware of how precious a transportation pass is: it is an essential item and it needs precaution!

Teach your children how to react in case they have a problem on their way to school: if they get stuck in traffic, or in a subway breakdown, tell them to inform you and, if possible, ask an operator for a justificative document. It is also helpful to get your children used to the walk from your house to their school. In case they need to get off the bus/subway before the last stop, they’ll be able to walk the rest of the way!
In this last case, giving your child a mobile phone seems like the most reassuring option; but have you considered using a GPS tracker?
Discreet and convenient, it allows you to keep track of your children’s movements and locate them at any time. If they get in trouble along the way, they only have to press a button to alert you. A great way for you and your kids to stay safe and peaceful!

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