Going to school alone is usually a big step towards becoming autonomous for your children!

When should you let your children go out alone?

Going to school on their own, being independent in the streets, even in urban areas, requires some learning and training, but it also relies on physiological factors. Indeed, before the age of 8, your children are not physically able to process several pieces of information simultaneously or to anticipate multiple potential dangers, as it can often be the case on the road.
Besides, their visual range is a lot narrower than an adult’s: 70° instead of 180°! Therefore, it can be difficult for children to evaluate distances. It is only around 8 or 9 years old that children become fully aware of what is going on in the street and its dangers.

How can you prepare your children to go to school alone?

Their first solo trips require anticipation. The best way to instil basic principles of a responsible urban behavior is to walk those routes along with your children a few times: look left and right before crossing a street, spot potential dangers, such as garage exits, be continuously cautious even though they know the way… All this can seem obvious and redundant, but it is the only way to give your children the necessary self-confidence.

As your children get older, you may continue to do the trip together, but you should try to give them more free rein: let them walk a few steps ahead of you, observe their behavior, let them cross the street without you… And remember that you should wait until your children first express the wish to walk to school alone: if they don’t show interest, there is no need to force them. A child who is scared or anxious is less likely to be vigilant…

There is a solution to have peace of mind when you see your children leave the house alone for the first times: use the Weenect Kids GPS tracker! It allows you to follow your children’s movements in real time on your smartphone, and enables them to call you if they are in trouble, simply by pressing the “SOS” button. It is the last step before total autonomy!

It is around 8-9 years old that a child starts being capable of walking short distances alone. Click To Tweet


Author: Weenect

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