Here it goes again! Summer break is here: your kids are going to have a lot of free time, probably a lot more than you… How can you combine professional obligations, family time and keep it fun for both the kids and the parents?

Summer and child care: the most simple solutions

July has arrived, your kids are out of school. But you don’t have vacation time, or at least, not right away. What are your options?

  • Family and relatives: grand-parents, aunts and uncles, friends who can welcome your children in their home or on their holiday location. A solution that will avoid disorientation for your children, since they are familiar with the environment! However, don’t forget to slip a Weenect GPS tracker in their luggage (and tell your relatives about it): you can never be too careful…
  • Community centers: all summer long, these city-supported facilities take care of your children and provide multiple activities and outings. And they have a great advantage: your kid’s friends are there too!
  • Sports day camps: many public or private sports associations offer day camps. Your kids are taken care of all day: sports practice, games, relax time, excursions… Get more information at your local club!

Autonomy: all on their own, like grown-ups!

Not all parents have a family to rely on for child care, and you may not like the idea of putting your kids in a community center. There are two alternatives, which, however, require a certain level of autonomy from your children, especially emotionally!

  • Summer camps: yes, they still exist! “Sleep-away camps” remain very popular but they’ve diversified a lot. There are three types:
    • Private: these organizations offer (more often than not) themed stays. All your kids’ favorite topics are represented, from « Harry Potter » camp to pony land! Anticipate a cost of €400 to €600 per week.
    • Public camps: the kids are welcomed in a city-owned facility and taken care of by city supervisors. The cost is based on your family quotient. However, these camps are becoming scarce, due to an evolution of expense prioritization: certain cities prefer to save money by getting rid of these facilities…
    • Language camps: similar to private camps, they’re organized by specialized companies and can be based on a theme. They cost about €1,000/week.
  • Kids in autonomy: what if this summer was the right time to test your kids’ ability to fend for themselves? If you only have to work a few days before the whole family leaves for their vacation, let them stay at home with a schedule: regular phone calls, strict hours allowed on the computer on the TV, ideas of games, mending or cooking. This solution is suited for siblings whose eldest is at least 10 to 12, and shouldn’t be considered for kids under 7.

You don’t have any vacation days? Don’t stress: your children will not end up spending the summer on their own. There are many solutions and each of them offer great benefits for your kids. Holidays are also made for growing up!