For your next holidays, you’re planning a family ski trip? You’re a do-it-yourselfer and you want to teach your kids to ski. It’s a great way to follow their first steps as skiers, see their progress, and save money too. To make sure that it is an enjoyable time, follow the learning steps that we present here. And at the end of the article, you’ll find several tools and tips to make this discovery fun.

To start: standing and walking around with downhill ski boots

Take your kids on a flat snow-covered area. They’ll slowly get used to walking with their skis on and avoid small obstacles.

Afterwards, use a treadmill. Most ski resorts are equipped and they’re ideal to teach a kid to maintain his balance while you walk by his side (without your skis).

Be attentive, this device requires surveillance to avoid any incident.

Keeping balance and taking turns

Once your kids have gotten used to moving around with their skis, take them to the next level: keeping their balance while they start sliding. You can then slowly start your introduction to skiing by learning on gentle slopes. Place yourself beside your child and hold him by the hand or with your ski pole. You can post another adult at the bottom of the slope to catch your kid.

Learning autonomy

When you see your kid gain confidence and seem comfortable with the snow plow, it’s time to let him ski down a slope without holding you. Depending on his speed, you can walk or ski along. Walking makes it easier to help if your kid falls. But if he is moving faster, keep your skis on to stay up to speed. However, remember that you should be comfortable on your skis in order to control your own skiing and your child’s. If you’re worried about your kid going too far out of your sight and to keep peace of mind, get a Weenect GPS tracker. You’ll be able to follow him on your mobile phone!

The right gear to start skiing

  • Adapted clothing and a helmet

Dress your kid with a proper ski suit. Gloves and a scarf will protect them from the cold: they’re going to fall more than once… And a helmet is required to prevent injuries.

  • The ski harness

It’s a harness with a leash, specifically designed for ski beginners. Your kid must put it on before starting the lesson, and it allows him to ski down the slope right in front of you. You’ll be able to watch how he behaves on his skis and to regulate his speed.

  • The ski tip connector or Edgie-Wedgie

It allows to maintain the tips of your skis together. It helps your kid keep the snow plow position hands down until the end of the slope. Once he has assimilated the notion of balance, you’ll just have to take the connector off and let him hold the position by himself.

Our advice to make the most of the learning phase

  • Keep a positive mindset: it is a moment of sharing and fun.
  • Patience and pedagogy: two key concepts when you’re teaching your kids to ski!
  • Take lots of breaks. As soon as you see signs of fatigue, take a hot chocolate break.
  • Bring snacks: it’s the best way to boost your kid’s energy level.
  • Take time and listen. He may be a little scared, so don’t force him. If you feel like he’s had enough, take a break. You don’t want to make him hate skiing just because you want to keet going and didn’t acknowledge his fatigue.
  • Encourage him and praise his efforts.

Here is our advice to help your little ones hit their first slopes! What about you? How did you teach your kids? Share your tips and stories in the comments!


Author: Weenect

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