Bang! Bam! Crack! Your little stuntman is wracking your nerves and likes to seek thrills… How can you keep him safe without shutting down his dynamic personality?

From rambling to jumping, from running and climbing… Your child is a resolute daredevil and you can’t seem to put channel your kid’s energy. How can you let your child to grow up and thrive safely?

Appropriate limits

Being a daredevil is an innate thing! It pertains to your child’s personality: he has always been going after what you consider dangerous situations. He’s especially keen on exploring and risky play. And no, he’s not putting himself at risk just to make you react, it is just part of his personality.

Curious and adventurous, the daredevil child starts exploring the world around him with no (apparent) concept of fear or danger; these notions naturally appear around the age of 6. Before that, it’s up to you to set boundaries.

  • He hasn’t learned how to read yet: create your own custom stickers and place them at “sensitive” spots around the house: no opening the oven door, no climbing on kitchen drawers, etc. Also think about basic safety accessories, like door and window stoppers to prevent accidents.
  • When your kid grows up, make sure to identify what is acceptable risk and what is clearly forbidden. In short, learn to take upon yourself and avoid the easy path of forbidding everything! However, don’t compromise on the rules that you deem essential: no crossing the street without supervision, no bending over the window or the balcony, no riding bikes or roller-blades without protective gear…

Help your kid unwind

Risk-taking kids burst with energy! Sometimes accidents happen because of the overflow: your little adventurer is bored, and his way to stay entertained is to seek thrills… Help him find a safe environment to exert himself.

  • All sports are a good way to use energy: however, little daredevils often show a taste for martial arts, combat sports, or circus arts. These are ideal hobbies, combining physical exertion and the exploration of new sensations, but also, a strict frame that guarantees safety and conveys positive social values.
  • In your daily life, as soon as you consider that your kid has enough autonomy, let him go on his own physical adventures: play soccer in the park, ride his bike or roller-blades around the block… Get a Weenect GPS tracker and define the limits of a safe area: first, it’ll channel his energy by having him focus on his geographical constraints, and you’ll also feel relieved that your kid can contact you anytime, in case of an emergency…

Your little stuntman is not just a reckless hothead: he is a curious kid, eager to explore the world. A quality that you shouldn’t dismiss: forget about the bumps and bruises and focus on your child’s enthusiasm and energy to grab life with both hands. It’s a blessing!



Author: Weenect

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