To provide your child the best conditions to pursue her educational path, you’re considering boarding school. Maybe it is because your work schedule doesn’t allow you to be as present as you wish you were, or because you’re going through a rough patch (conflicts, academic failure). In any case, in order to ease the separation, you’re going to need your child to accept the decision. Being attentive and acknowledging her feelings as much as possible during the registration process, is essential. Here are our 5 tips to help your kid accept the future separation.

Adjust your vision of boarding school

  • Get rid of the negative image of boarding school

The first crucial step is to shed the bad reputation that boarding schools may have. They’re not these damaged old buildings where children are kept cloistered.

  • Boarding school allows to set a frame

Nowadays, boarding schools gather all the conditions to help children succeed. In most schools, children share a dormitory and sanitary facilities. A fixed study period is defined to allow kids to work on their school duties. Meals are served in the refectory, also on a pre-defined schedule. Then kids can enjoy some free time to relax and enjoy their friends’ company.

Our advice: gather testimonies from other boarders for your child to read and learn more about how other kids feel about boarding school.

Choose a school that meets your child’s needs

  • Different types of facilities

The boarding facility is generally linked to a school and follows the same management logic. Some give a prominent place to religion, some apply very strict rules and supervision, and others are, on the contrary, very permissive. Certain children may blossom in this kind of context while others may feel left to themselves and be completely confused. Before you take your final decision, make sure that the educational system fits your kid’s temper.

  • Go and visit the schools

Visit several schools, with your child if that’s possible. Chat with other parents to get their feeling. If your little one is open to the discussion, ask for her opinion.

Be firm in your decision

If your kid is failing in school and that you consider boarding school as a solution, make sure to mature your reflection. Once your decision is made, talk about it with your child. You must then be firm and not let guilt make you doubt your choice.

Your child may not be too keen on this decision. However, let her know that you think it is most adapted option for to her well-being. It is not a punishment waiting to be lifted, but rather a new life choice made for her own good.

Instate a routine to maintain the bond with your child

Once you’ve set your mind on a school, have a talk with your kid about rituals to establish to keep in touch while she’s away. Define a time for calling, emailing or sending pictures. To keep peace of mind, give your child a Weenect Kids GPS tracker. It works without a maximum distance and allows your kid to send you alert messages at all times.

Stay available

All throughout the school year, ask her how she feels about boarding life. If she likes it there, and studies well (although you’ll get an idea with his school reports). Maintaining a link and an attentive ear will show her that you’re there for her, even if you didn’t agree on this decision initially.

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Author: Weenect

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