If your children are of different ages, you’re probably familiar with the topic: back-to-school time is a lot of work! How can you find the right organization?

Anticipate back-to-school tasks

It may be a little late to discuss this. We all dream of being able to plan the family schedule ahead… but of course, it is not that easy.

At work

Working hours shouldn’t be too variable… Unless you’re changing jobs or work locations in September! Make sure that you’re aware of the commute time (which you’ll probably have weighed in already in your decision process) as well as your transportation options. There’s no room for the unexpected ! Try not to base your whole organization on your supposedly fixed working hours, or fixed vacation days: a little increase in your workload, a mishap in your calendar, and the whole schedule falls apart!

Your children’s school

Your children are attending different schools; it is a very common situation, that implies a lot of “patch-ups”! Kindergarten, elementary and middle schools don’t have the same opening hours. Which requires you to be in different places at the same time… not a chance! And don’t count on middle schools to provide the students’ schedule ahead…


Dancing or music lessons, sports: more often than not, you have planned your children’s and your leisure activities before leaving on your holidays. And, as for many other parents, you tried your best to schedule these activities on time slots when you’re available to drop them on and off. New year, same logistical headaches!

Tips for a better organization

Rather than anxiously waiting for school to start, try to come up with simple solutions to make you and your family’s lives easier!

Count on solidarity

You don’t always have grand-parents around the corner to take care of your kids and drive them to their music lesson or sports practice. Start with trying to set up car-pooling with fellow parents: your son’s friend’s parents are willing to look after the kids after school? In exchange, offer to take their child to judo practice on saturdays.
Also, try to find another family to share a nanny with.

Encourage your children to be autonomous

It can also be a good time to start giving your children more freedom and trust, especially the eldest. Ask them to look after their younger siblings and walk them to school or to other cultural or sports activities. They might be reluctant at first, but try to think of some incentive arguments to reward them: if all goes well, it is a proof that they’re more mature and that you can give them more independence. Say yes if they ask for some extra time when they go out with friends for instance. We recommend that you find other ways than money to reward them: what’s important is gaining mutual trust!

Using GPS trackers for your kids can also be useful and make you feel more comfortable: they’re able to contact you and will be located easily thanks to the GPS chip device and the mobile app. A smooth way to cut the cord!

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Author: Weenect

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