Cliches die hard: it’s easy to think that only children, long smothered by their parents, are more dependant for every daily task, while children from large families learn to cope on their own very early. But is this really how things go?

Only children: beware of stereotypes

There is a logical explanation to this: raising an only child means that you can’t use previous educational references, and also implies that you’re paying closer attention to every step of the child’s development. Therefore building a biased vision of what the child is able to manage on his/her own. Parents of an only child often assist their child in his/her daily life longer than other parents, and are reluctant to let him/her be independent.
However, many parents choose to rule against this excessive tendency. Only children can then gain autonomy very early on, thanks to trustful parents. They will be allowed to go to school on their own, or stay home alone: they have more freedom and do not feel like they’re under constant supervision. If you choose to give your only child more autonomy, make sure that they are ready to take on this responsibility: too much freedom can be a burden…

Large families: equal autonomy for all?

We spontaneously consider that children from large families are more autonomous, as opposed to only children. The eldest watch upon younger siblings: they’re in charge of supervising their brothers and sisters (inside and outside the house), which makes them more mature. As for the little ones, they’re not given a great deal of autonomy by their older siblings! While this system generally operates perfectly well, don’t forget to observe how older siblings feel about the situation; they might be a little overwhelmed by the role that you’ve given them.

Whether they’re only children or part of a large family, it is important to give each child the right responsibilities and make sure that you acknowledge their desires and doubts.
Using a Weenect Kids GPS tracker is a good way to avoid stress in any situation:
An only child, when he/she is left alone: he/she won’t get lost, can call for help, just like at home. This type of equipment will also encourage your child to take it to the next level of independence.
In larger families, the oldest child will have more peace of mind: if there’s a problem with their younger siblings, at home or outside, they can still call you up; also, children who don’t feel comfortable with having to watch over their brothers and sisters will be more confident if they have this “safety net” to rely on!

Weenect Kids GPS tracker helps your kids gain autonomy, whatever your family model. Check it out!

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Author: Weenect

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