Children start being autonomous when they acquire the ability to make rational choices.
There are two major steps in a child’s path to getting by on their own and dealing with a journey alone.

Autonomy at 7-8 years old

Children start developing their moral sense (sense of “good” and “evil”) around 7 or 8 years old. They become more able to control their emotions, and more aware of the world around them. At that age, they start taking on certain tasks (lay the table, tidy their clothes…) and anticipating very concrete situations, such as a potential dangers on the road.
Therefore, on certain conditions (make sure that they’re willing to and that you trust them to deal with the situation), you can let them:
Stay home alone for a limited period of time (15 to 30 minutes maximum)
Walk a short journey on their own (the last part of the way to school for instance).

Autonomy in their teenage years

Teenagers long for independence! You can assume that at that age, they are aware of traffic dangers of the road, and that they’re able to take care of themselves.
Nevertheless, being autonomous requires a good deal of self-confidence; a quality that tends to become scarce during adolescence. Influenced by peer pressure, depreciation, complexes: teens don’t always make the most rational choices. Staying home on their own for an evening, ride a bike or public transportation to join their friends seem like things that they can handle. But it all depends on their personality and how much you trust them.

How can you help your child gain autonomy?

When your children are around 7 years old, reassure yourself by getting them a Weenect Kids… It’ll make them more relaxed too! They’ll be able to call you in case of trouble when they’re home alone or on their way to school. The device allows them to reach you without the downsides of a cellular phone. The Weenect Kids tracker is great alternative for young teenagers, before having to “jump the step” and get them a cell phone!

The time around 7 years old and the adolescence phase are two crucial steps in a child’s development, each making your kid more mature and independent… Help him/her smoothly gain autonomy, by being discreet but also attentive!

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Author: Weenect

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