It is time to go skiing! Snowy tracks are always very busy in the winter, and it is fairly common for children to get lost. Here are 5 tips to spare yourself the anxiety!

Do not bet on the outfit

You might be surprised to see that this first tip is actually not a tip… But a lot of parents think that dressing their children with a bright yellow hat or ski suit is enough to spot them in a glimpse, among the crowd. They forget that 1) every parent will have the same idea and 2) we all buy our clothes in the same stores; you’ll find a lot of “clones” on the slopes. Forget about differentiating your kids by their clothes!


You know all about the classical emergency pee break required by your youngest kid at the last minute! Toilets are usually well marked and you can find plenty of them in ski stations, as well as altitude restaurants and quiet little corners in wild nature… But the problem is finding your way back to your family afterwards! To avoid any stress, make a quick stop to the bathroom before going to the slopes and agree on a meeting point (a restaurant for instance) where you can all meet in case of a pressing need.

Stay together on the slopes

You like the big thrills, while your kids enjoy to take their time (or vice versa!): divide into smaller groups according to the pace and skills of each member of your family.
With a golden rule: remain visible to the people of your team.

Plan a day to familiarize with the station

Depending on how long you are staying and the size of the station, it may even take less than a day! The point is to discover the premises together with your family and familiarize with the skiing domain and its facilities. It is a perfect way to spot meeting points in case you lose a member of your group!

Give your children a phone or a tracker

You may think your children are too young to own a phone… In the mountain, it can turn out to be very helpful when you lose sight of your kids! Of course, do not give them the latest smartphone: an old mobile phone will do, with a waterproof case.
The GPS tracker, like Weenect Kids, is still the most practical option! Your children can get in touch with you and you are able to locate them at all times. Play it safe; it is the best way to enjoy your winter holidays!

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Author: Weenect

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