Summer is an ideal period for quality family time. It is the best opportunity to enjoy good times together and go on little adventures to entertain the whole family. But which activities are those?

Family outings to please the kids

There is a multitude of playful or educational activities. Summer is particularly favorable with its high temperatures that allow you to plan outdoor activities without having to worry about a plan B. Among the unavoidable options, here is our selection:

  • Funfairs, that are very popular every summer. In towns or villages (especially the most touristic ones), city squares, beaches or even parking lots get flooded with people that come for a somewhat different atmosphere. Every year, there are about 35,000 funfairs in France, and at least one third of the French population visits one during the year (numbers provided by the eVous webzine). Every member of the family can find his/her own game, from Hook a Duck to the thrill of the latest amusement ride for the older kids. And of course, the whole family gathers around the multiple food stands.
  • Water parks which develop as summer approaches. They can be found everywhere in the country, with a higher concentration on the coasts. Always looking for the most original or impressive structure, water parks nowadays look like real amusement parks and are becoming more and more popular. Waterslides, paddling pools, jacuzzies… there is a suitable option for every member of the family, from young kids to seniors.
  • Outdoor theater often is an unforgettable moment for children. Through the sound, the set, and the lighting effects (if they are used), they offer an astonishing scenery. Contrary to close theaters, the fact that it is outdoors opens the way to all types of interactions between the actors on stage and the audience. They don’t require complete silence, which is easier for talkative kids and allows younger kids to move around as they please. Everybody will have a good time!
  • Fruit and vegetable picking at the farm, a booming activity. The joy of choosing and picking your own vegetables is not just for kids! It is an educational trip – it allows to show your kids new vegetable varieties and explain the action of nature on the way our food grows – as well as fun time shared with your kids. Indeed, you can turn this trip into a real treasure hunt for the biggest vegetable or the fruit with the most unusual shape…
  • Mini-golf will please the whole family: it is perfect for a day trip, or just to end a day full of adventures. Equipped with a club and a ball, arm yourself with patience and dexterity, and you’ll be able to overcome all the obstacles of the course.

What you need to pack for a family trip

 A family trip requires organization, even more so when there are several generations involved. It starts with the planning: departure time, food – should you bring a picnic or find a place to eat on the spot? Which option will be most entertaining? – downtimes for the little ones or the seniors, what to pack (sunscreen, caps, water…)… Everything must be anticipated to make sure that you and your family all have a good time and avoid little disagreements about organization.

Once you’re there, make sure to keep a hand on the organization, so that everybody can go about their own activities without danger, and avoid any time lost looking for each other – impatience and irritation can ramp up fast in this kind of context. This type of activity, especially in the summer, is very popular and crowded.

Give a map of your destination to each member of the family. For the youngest kids, seeking for autonomy, the Weenect Kids tracker is the perfect way to know where your kids are at any time. They will also feel safer and can contact you if they get lost.