It’s always gratifying when our customers agree to give us feedback on our GPS trackers for seniors. We read all these comments carefully, whether positive or negative, long or short, and they inspire our whole team to progress on a daily basis.

Before the New Year comes in, we wanted to share with you the comments that most touched us, amused us, or even surprised us. So here is our subjective list of the top 5!

senior avec la Weenect Silver

(We apologise in advance to those whose comments may have deserved to be on the list. To choose only 5 comments from a long list is extremely difficult; sorry if  we missed some).

Nathalie: “My parents use it”

Weenect is used by my parents and is a vital link that lets them stay in touch during most emergencies.

Monsieur Da Silva: “I always know where my father is”

Brilliant, and easy to use; I always know where my father is. He is elderly, and if there is a problem, he just needs to hit one button to alert us and guide us to him. You can set up the alerts as you wish. Just one little snag: the battery needs charging quite often.

couple de senior avec la Weenect Silver

Nicole: “Dad’s safe”

This product is great; I know now that Dad’s safe, I always know where he is. If he went out for a walk and got lost, it’s much less dangerous because I would be able to locate him straight away.

Christine: “Invaluable help”

Invaluable help to follow my husband’s movements when he decides to go out. He is some-one who gets disorientated. Thank you.

Maria: “Such a relief”

We’ve been using the Silver tracker for the elderly for a few weeks. It takes a bit of getting used to at the start, but now it’s such a relief. When my mother goes out for a walk, we can follow her at a distance. For us, her children, we are much more reassured and much less worried.

Author: Weenect

Weenect, leader de la géolocalisation familiale, propose une gamme de traceurs GPS pour les différents membres de la famille : les enfants, les seniors, les chiens et chats. Ce blog a vocation à aider les familles dans leur vie quotidienne.