80%* of the French population are concerned about the idea of losing their autonomy; and 93%** are in favor of staying at home for themselves or their relatives. How can family members help seniors keep their independence?

Family caregivers

This is how we call family members who get involved in helping a senior stay at home despite a loss of autonomy. This support can take various forms: it can be material (financial support), administrative (coordination of administrative processes, contacts with institutions, etc.), emotional… And it is often a mix of all those things!

Family caregivers take up this role on top of their own professional and personal lives; it can be difficult to manage, even with frequent assistance from professionals, for medical care for instance. It is a very heavy responsibility. Family caregiver is a position that is officially acknowledged, and can come with them certain benefits. However they do not have a formal status yet.

What kind of help can family caregivers get?

Staying at home, for a senior, dependent or not, is the guarantee of a better quality of life, on a physical and mental point of view. It can require a lot of involvement from family members, but there are simple solutions to lighten this burden:

Delivered meals: cities, associations, or private catering companies provide home meal delivery solutions for the elderly. Customers can choose their menu and the number of meals. It is also a good way to avoid risks of denutrition by providing regular, fresh and healthy meals!

Remote monitoring devices: even in a familiar environment, seniors can find themselves in situations of distress. Fall, disorientation, faintness… Simply by clicking on a button on the box that they keep with them constantly, seniors are connected with a specialized service that provides quick assistance.

As a family caregiver, you want to preserve an emotional link with the person that you are taking care of: choose the Weenect Senior solution! It is a simple teleassistance box with an “SOS” button; just like many others… Except that the emergency contact is you! You can configure geographical areas where the person is allowed to go, several contacts linked to the alarm button… It is the right balance between the convenience and security provided by a traditional teleassistance service, and the ability to keep an emotional link with your loved one!

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Author: Weenect

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