It is never an easy task to choose the right type of care for an elderly relative. We will try to help you by explaining major differences between a retirement home and a residential care facility, so that you can make a reasoned decision that’ll suit both you and the elderly person.

Before we go into further detail about each option, let us remind you of certain elements that you must consider when you make your choice: the future resident’s level of autonomy and how much they rely on medical care. Assistance services and medical staff may vary depending on the type of residence chosen.

Retirement homes

There are two categories of retirement homes: EHPA (French abbreviation for Accommodation facility for the elderly) and EHPAD (French abbreviation for Accommodation facility for the dependent elderly).


EHPAs welcome valid and relatively independent seniors. They provide services such as housing, catering, entertainment, laundry and routine care. When tenants have specific medical needs, they must contact a medical service, nurse, or domestic help services themselves.


As for EHPADs, they are meant to host physically or mentally dependent seniors. All staff members are employees of the facility and all care is provided on the premises.

Residential care

It is similar to a collective residence that welcomes seniors from the age of 70 (while it is closer to 85 years old when it comes to retirement homes). It consists in small apartments that create the atmosphere and environment that seniors are familiar with: they can even furnish the place themselves. Residential care facilities, just like EHPAs and EHPADs, provide services like catering, laundry, activities, etc.

Certain topics are sensitive when it comes to making life choices for our loved-ones. If you’re considering keeping your relative in their home or choosing a type of accommodation that requires them to have certain autonomy, know that there are solutions to watch over them and provide remote support. Among those, the Silver GPS tracker will allow the senior to call in case of an emergency (with a simple SOS button or the call feature), as well as geolocate themselves if needed.

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