When parents who live far away start aging, children often get worried… Especially if the senior lives alone! How can they reassure themselves?

Local solidarity: a good way to watch over aging parents

It would be ideal if you had a relative living close to the senior to “supervise”. But beware: when you force supervision on an elderly parent who is fully autonomous in his/her daily life, they might (legitimately!) be annoyed if they feel watched… Many professionals of the senior care services field state that an elderly person’s relatives often show disproportionate and slightly irrational concern. If your parent is in good shape, try not to overstate your concern. Maintaining phone contact and an occasional human connection with a relative is often sufficient.
If you are genuinely worried, and if you don’t have any relatives living close to your aging parent, get in touch with his/her neighbors: when you go visit for instance. If you feel that they’re trustworthy and that they have a friendly relationship with your parent, ask them to subtly watch over your parent and warn you in case there are grounds for concern.

Home care services for the elderly

Cities or local communities provide home care and support services for the elderly. The range of solutions offered is wide: from basic handiwork (because changing a light bulb can turn out to be quite complicated after a certain age!) to assistance for bathing, as well as running errands, cleaning… Often managed by the CCAS (Communal social action center), they are often paid services. However, you can be eligible to certain financial contributions. To learn more, go to http://www.pour-les- personnes-agees.gouv.fr/vivre- domicile/etre-aide- domicile/les-services-
daide-domicile pour-les- personnes-agées.gouv.fr. You can also go to a private home support company or a home care professional.

The French Post Office also provides home care services: “Watch over my parents”. The postman will visit your parent on a regular basis and give you feedback on a dedicated app. This service also includes 24/7 remote assistance and providing contacts for handiwork.

It is okay to be concerned with your elderly parents when you don’t live closeby. However, if they are still in good physical and mental shape and independent, you can simply start mentioning the idea of using a Weenect GPS tracker. It is the best alternative to a regular remote assistance service: when there is a problem, they can easily notify the person of your choice (neighbor, relative) and get some assistance. You will also be notified. In case of trouble, this tracker allows you to locate your parent instantly. The best way to keep peace of mind!

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