When is the right time to place a senior in a retirement facility? A senior’s relatives often choose the accommodation that is closest; but is it always the right option? Which criteria should you look at before making a decision?

Retirement homes: what is the right timing and who is concerned?

Placing a senior in a retirement home (or EHPAD: French abbreviation for Accommodation facility for the dependent senior) should be discussed and agreed upon with the senior him/herself. This option can be considered when staying at home becomes a safety issue: your senior relative is either sick or very isolated, shows serious motor or cognitive disorders…
Retirement homes provide housing and medical care to people who need day-to-day assistance. It is a global care solution, that tackles complex medical situations, such as Alzheimer’s disease, or mobility problems.

Which criteria should you examine?

Location is essential. Moving to a retirement home that is close to the senior’s house allows him/her to stay in a familiar environment, and, sometimes, reconnect with old acquaintances: social interactions can be very beneficial! Also, it is a lot easier for you to visit on a regular basis. It can be heartbreaking for an elderly person to be placed in a retirement home if it is far from his/her house.
There are other criteria to consider: easy access for visits, care management (is there medical assistance during the night?), optional services and their cost, activity schedule, contact with the medical staff…

Retirement facility or staying at home?

Sometimes, placing a senior in a retirement home is the default choice of family members who live too far from the senior and feel concerned about his/her safety and health. While it is quite reassuring to know that the senior will get everyday medical care, you should first make sure that it is not a premature decision.

Make it possible for your senior relative to remain home safely by using a Weenect Senior GPS tracker: with its warning button and its emergency call feature (to a selection of contacts), it allows to call for help in situations of distress, after a fall for example. It is also equipped with a geolocation feature, that sends a notification whenever the senior goes out of a defined perimeter. It is useful for elderly people with a wandering mind…
Choosing a remote monitoring system like the Weenect Senior tracker makes it possible to postpone the retirement home option; it is a precious ally to maintain autonomy as long as possible!

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