Impulsive and often disoriented, elderly persons suffering from cognitive disorders or Alzheimer’s disease are more likely than most people to run away from home or get lost. At that point, is it relevant to set them up with a GPS tracker?


Choosing a geolocation device for an Alzheimer’s patient also means choosing safety. Whether they are kept at home or placed in a specialized center, they are prone to flee, lose track of where they go, even in familiar environments. Risks include potential accidents, bad encounters, hypothermia or dehydration, and always a stressful time for the patients and their relatives. In this context, it becomes necessary to be able to locate the patients and allow them to call for help with a dedicated button.


Providing an Alzheimer’s disease patient with a geolocation device can also raise ethical questions: should you equip them when they refuse to be? Is it okay to track their movements without their affirmative consent? These questions are justified and must be carefully addressed, based on the patient’s psychological condition, what they are willing to accept and with the expertise of the medical staff.

The right equipment

There are several types of devices: pendants, bracelets, smartphones, boxes… Certain pendants and bracelets are a hassle to put on and take off, which doesn’t help diminish the feeling of coercion for the senior!

The setup and the use of the device must be as simple as possible: few keys, readable and clear indications, and little handling to do.

The warning button must be visible, easy to find and to activate. The audio communication with an operator or a relative must have clear transmission and a sufficient sound level.

The Weenect Silver system can be an essential partner, combining comfort and safety for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease… as well as for you! It has a light medallion (55g), a big and user-friendly button, a long-life battery (up to 7 days) and provides real-time GPS tracking.

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Author: Weenect

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