What type of in-home care services can be provided to a senior or a dependent adult? What conditions do you need to fulfill? Here’s a summary of all the individual services offered on the market today.

Daily assistance

When everyday tasks become difficult or impossible, you can get help from trained professionals. Personal care, shopping, cleaning, or just providing a stimulating presence to an isolated senior, in-home assistance is the right way to go. With a degree in health and social care and a home care specialty, these professionals provide daily assistance to seniors who experience a loss of autonomy but who are not dependent.

For a dependent senior who rarely or never leave his house, constant presence is more adequate. In that case, refer to a home carer. These professionals have a state diploma. They provide day and night presence, supervision and more thorough and intimate care.

Finally, home aides have a larger set of skills and can also help with administrative procedures. Note: none of the profiles mentioned above are qualified to provide medical treatments. For this kind of service, go to a home nursing services.

Meal preparation

Meal delivery services are perfectly suited for elders with limited mobility, who can’t go to the grocery store or cook on their own. Public (through a Social Action Community Center) or private (via associations or specialized companies), this service is also a way to make sure that your loved one gets nutritious and healthy food, in sufficient amounts.


Being a senior or dependent shouldn’t prevent a person from going places, especially since certain trips are hard to avoid (health, administration…). Certain cities offer transportation assistance, payable with employment service vouchers (CESU). You can also request private transportation services.

Remote monitoring

Electronic modules, bracelets and other devices linked to a remote surveillance operator are a very reliable way to guarantee a senior’s daily safety. For more customized services and if you personally want to keep an eye on your relative, choose a similar device: the Weenect Silver tracker. You’ll be the monitoring operator. By pushing the button, the senior can contact you and the other carer defined in the tracker setup.

Individual assistance services, whether they’re permanent or temporary, allow your senior relative to age at home safely. A great way to stay relaxed.