It is not a secret, a large majority of French people want to age at home. But is it always safe for a senior, even when they are healthy? Certain daily habits can become inadequate, therefore requiring adjustments in the house to make sure every room is safe.

Technology to the rescue

You can reduce the risk of fall by making it easier to circulate around the house! Think “home automation”: centralized and remote controlled shutter system, presence sensor lighting system, videophone…
This category can also include remote assistance devices, and GPS trackers, allow to react immediately when a problem occurs: the senior person is geolocated at all times, you can define a limited zone, triggering an alarm if the person wanders outside that zone, as well as the “SOS” button available on most of these devices. Readable and recognizable, placed at the center of the unit, it is easy for the senior person to activate in case of distress.

Preventing falls, a priority

Falling is the most common danger for seniors living on their own. And technology alone is not enough to avoid the risk!
Install grab bars and handrails on every potentially dangerous spot: toilets, staircases, as well as outdoors spaces (garden, balcony, etc.)
Ban carpets that can be stumbled on, or fix them to the ground with double-sided tape. Hunt down loose cables and wires: there are many solutions for that (cable holding plinths, clamps, etc.)!
Another false friend: rolling furniture. They are not fit to support a person in case they loose balance, they can move and cause a fall!

Appropriate sanitary rooms

Accidents often occur in bathrooms… It can be challenging for a senior to step over a bathtub or take a shower on a slippery floor.
Invest in a shower seat and/or a non-slip cover in the shower basin (which is ideally flat and without steps). As for bathtubs equipped with a door, they are now very popular and make life a lot easier for many people!
Replace traditional toilets with elevated toilets: it is easier to sit, but also to stand up! Of course, make sure that you also install grab bars on both sides of the toilet.
Finally, if you haven’t done so yet, install a thermostatic mixer in the shower. It is very practical and comfortable! It allows to reduce the movement range when adjusting the water temperature and prevent burns.

Supply a house with devices to guarantee an elderly person’s safety can seem to be a significant investment; but you can ask for financial support! Go to the website to learn more about the benefits that you are entitled to, and contemplate your future with serenity!

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Author: Weenect

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