Not too keen on crossword puzzles and TV? You’re active and sporty, and want to enjoy your retirement to go for outdoor activities that you enjoy or that you’ve been wanting to explore. You may also want to maintain an active lifestyle by starting a new physical activity. What are your best options?



  • The heart and blood pressure in general
  • The joints, especially in the lower body parts
  • The lungs
  • The mood!
    You can start hiking at any age, provided that you have proper preparation! First of all, choose the location of your hike: in France, all “Grande randonnée (GR)” hiking paths are listed in guides and dedicated maps, as well as their difficulty level (drop, altitude, ground characteristics…). Whether you choose to start with a hike on flat ground or a mountain hike, we recommend that you always follow official hiking paths, that are marked; it is a security guarantee! If you’re a beginner, make sure your first excursions don’t exceed 5 hours, with a little piknik break in the middle: it’s the best way to get accustomed to the discipline and pace yourself.
    As for the equipment, our advice is to go to a hiking gear specialist and get the right hiking shoes: a good pair of hiking boots will prevent back, joint or feet pain, and fatigue. You should also look for technical clothing that is suitable for your weather and climate conditions. And finally, don’t hesitate to get medical clearance from your family doctor before your first hike, his/her point of view is always useful!

Nordic walking


  • The heart
  • Osteoporosis
  • The back
  • Type II diabetes
    Walking in pace, in the wild, with two poles: since Nordic walking first appeared in France fifteen years ago, it’s been gaining popularity, attracting an increasing number of sporty people of all generations, and seducing medical professionals! One of the specific features of Nordic walking is the use of these specific walking poles: they help you find the right pace and extend your stride length instead of increasing your speed. Leaning on the poles allows you to relieve and preserve your joints (especially on the knees), and spontaneously improve your posture. Nordic walking is also a great way to burn calories: a big asset for those who need, or want, to watch their weight!

One of the condition for a safe practice is to have good shoes: light hiking shoes or running sneakers. You should also acquire walking poles: be careful when you choose them, they’re not ski poles!
Finally, know that there are many Nordic walking clubs: ask them for advice on the appropriate equipment and go for a “test walk”!



  • The heart
  • The joints
  • The lungs

Be careful: cycling is only suited for athletic people. As a matter of fact, riding a bike is not just this simple thing “that you never forget”, it has multiple aspects. On a flat surface and short distances, it is ideal for those who seek gentle exercise: it stimulates the heart, it’s soft on the joints and stimulates the oxygen flow… But when the path gets steeper, it’s another story!

Beginner or expert, make sure you get medical clearance before starting an intensive or extreme conditions practice (mountain, sloped grounds, etc.).
You should also take good care of your equipment: want to take your old bike for a ride? Go for it, but make sure your adjust it so that you have the right posture and you don’t hurt your back (people often hurt their backs with a bad cycling posture that implies shocks on the lumbar area) or your joints (it is essential to set the saddle at the right height to lower the stress on the knees). And, of course, don’t forget that security equipments (reflecting accessories, helmet) are mandatory!
You’re starting a new sport or going back to a sport that you used to practise: congratulations! Make your equipment complete with a Weenect GPS tracker in your pocket: small, light and discreet, it guarantees you safety during your outdoor excursions.
Injured, or lost? You can easily call your relatives and ask for assistance: you just have to press one button. Better be safe than sorry!

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