It’s gone! While taking a walk in the wilderness, your dog suddenly ran away after what appeared to be an irresistible smell… W’ll tell you how to find a dog that’s running after an animal’s trail?

Following an animal’s trail: how does it work?

Dogs’ sense of smell is 1,000 times more developed than ours. Dogs can smell certain things that we’re not even able to perceive… Of course, a dog’s nose is a highly accurate and incredibly sophisticated tool.

Dogs can use each nostril individually! But it goes even further: when air enters a dog’s nose, it is instantly divided in two: some of it is used for breathing purposes, while the rest goes under the analysis of hundreds of millions of olfactory cells that cover the inside of the nostril. Finally, the precision level of a dog’s sense of smell is also due to the shape, texture and humidity of its nose, that helps capture even the smallest odor molecules. Therefore giving dogs the ability to detect the most subtil smells!

Why are dogs attracted to another animal’s trail?

With these skills, finding and following an animal’s track is a piece of cake; rabbits, rodents, foxes, birds or even cats, have strong and very typical smells, very easy to differentiate from plants, soil or their owner’s body smell!

Running after a wild animal’s smell is also a way to its hunter instinct. It’s a natural behavior! Of course, hunting dog breeds are more likely to go after a trail. Pointers, spaniels, setters or bloodhounds can follow wild animal trails on rather long distances.

How can you find your dog back?

There are several ways to avoid these big frights, and it starts with training your dog! If your dog belongs to a breed with highly developed hunting instincts, make sure that you train it to behave on a leash and listen to your instructions. However, quality training is not always enough to counter a strong hunting reflex!

Even if your dog wears a chip, get a Weenect Pets GPS tracker: it is particularly suitable for this kind of context. You’ll be able to spot your dog’s location in real time, whatever distance it has run. The app provides a map, a compass and/or a radar that’ll help you find your dog in no time. And for the most curious owners, the app also gives statistics about your dog’s movements: distance travelled, maximum speed, etc. You’ll know everything about their little getaways!

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Author: Weenect

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